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Redundancies & Business Restructures
Moira Conlon

Many small and medium-sized companies are having to adjust to today’s economic climate. It goes without saying that this is extremely stressful for any business. It therefore makes sense to use Conlon Consultancy’s significant expertise in this field to give you the reassurance you need that any restructuring is being carried out as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We can ensure that:

  • All redundancies are handled legally and are procedurally fair
  • Equitable and acceptable Compromise Agreements are reached wherever possible
  • The relevant government departments are informed in accordance with the appropriate legislation making sure you avoid the £5000 fine for non-compliance
  • Your business keeps its reputation intact enabling you to continue to attract high calibre candidates in the future
  • The potential number of Employment Tribunal applications is kept to a bare minimum
  • Your business is operating as cost-effectively as possible to keep overheads down and profits up

Crucially, Conlon Consultancy can help you to avoid the most obvious errors:

  • Failure to provide staff with a justifiable business case for the redundancies
  • Failure to notify the correct authorities
  • Failure to talk to staff about an uncertain future
  • Failure to consult properly with staff or employee representatives in a timely manner
  • Failure to make adequate financial provision for encouraging staff to stay until a given date
  • Failure to understand the local job market and seasonal/cyclical trends