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Moira Conlon

Conlon Consultancy can help you manage any step of a recruitment campaign to ensure your business ends up with the best person for the job.
Recruitment can be time-consuming and therefore expensive for many businesses.  Conlon Consultancy can take all that off your hands allowing you to get on with business as usual. We are not a recruitment agency – we work for you, the Company.

Conlon Consultancy can:

  • Help you articulate what it is you are trying to recruit for, particularly if it is not a straight forward like-for-like replacement.
  • Draft a recruitment brief for candidates that will be unlike anything you or they have ever seen and will be both a marketing tool to positively promote your company to candidates and a real insight for candidates into how your company operates.
  • Produce a punchy, creative and eye-catching job advert 
  • Handle and analyse all responses
  • Conduct any appropriate testing – psychometric or intellectual
  • Conduct first and subsequent interviews and provide you with a personalised report on each interviewee
  • Come up with a long and short list including detailed evaluations of each candidate
  • Produce an employment contract in line with current and future legislation