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Meet the team
Moira Conlon

Headed by Moira Conlon, Conlon Consultancy uses, from time to time, the expertise of a number of other people who are successful in their own businesses.

Jennifer Brown – a freelance journalist who has the superb ability to be able to turn a few bullet points into evocative prose and who has been responsible for the content of the Conlon Consultancy website and the creation of some excellent recruitment briefs. She is also a consummate researcher and can turn her hand to most situations. A really solution driver whom we love working with.

Ron Anderson – Ron has known Moira for more years than both of them care to mention. Ron has worked with Conlon Consultancy and can provide clients with resource planning solutions, especially for call centre environments. Ron has the unique ability to take stock of a situation and provide real workable solutions that businesses can implement and save money on payroll costs by providing accurate manpower planning.

Rebecca Cain – Rebecca has a solid HR background and now works as a Coach specialising in Career and Executive Coaching and is a fabulous resource. She has worked with several of Conlon Consultancy clients as a coach/mentor and always provided a compassionate and caring service. She has that unique talent that makes people open up to her and feel at ease. In addition she is an excellent trainer and has worked for the Company in this capacity as well. Not only that, she is a great laugh to have with you on a long journey. Her website is

Bernard Conlon – when his other business activities allow, Moira’s dear husband has worked with Conlon Consultancy. Moira is fine with this, as long as he knows who is boss! His strategic viewpoint and business acumen have been a real asset especially on business restructures and audit work. When he is working elsewhere he still finds a little time to help and has been described by Moira as “the best proof reader in Yorkshire!”

Sara Dybeck – once a month Sara whips the business into shape from a financial perspective. She is our bookkeeper, the backbone of the business and provides us with clear concise and accurate accounts at all times. She ensures invoices go out on time, payments are received and that all the bills are paid. She also makes sure that all the other finance related stuff in the middle gets done, like the VAT and tax returns.

Louise Sheppard – there are many occasions when meetings (especially disciplinary investigations or hearings) need to be taped and Typing Solutions, Louise’s company, provides a transcribing service for Conlon Consultancy that is excellent. Her turnaround time is often same day or next day and the accuracy of the work is fantastic. She can always be relied upon, even with very sensitive information. View her website at:

Sinead Fisher – whilst studying at University Sinead undertook several projects for Conlon Consultancy when the business was absolutely swamped.  She has an excellent work ethic and a diligence that belies her years. Her interest in HR was ignited by this experience and she went on to apply for an internship in the HR department at University. We hope she will find time in the future to work with us again as she really is an asset.