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Managing Poor Performance
Moira Conlon

Managing the poor performance of an employee is the bain of an employer’s life. It takes too long, distracts resource away from the business and has a detrimental impact on morale.
And, although no-one likes confrontation, the sooner the matter is discussed and steps are put into place to deal with it and sort the problem out, the better.

Many employers, faced with the minefield of today’s HR regulations and legislation , are simply not prepared . The main reason ex-employees of small and medium-sized businesses win tribunal cases is because their employers failed to follow the correct disciplinary procedures.
Conlon Consultancy can work alongside you at every stage of the process to approach and tackle these situations with confidence. You can rest assured that we are equipped with the detailed knowledge of ¬†both employers’ and employees’ rights and responsibilities.

We can help you:

  • Formulate robust disciplinary policies and procedures in line with current legislation
  • Ensure that these procedures are effectively communicated to all staff/employees
  • Ensure that correct procedures are followed at every step of the way in a formal Disciplinary situation
  • Ensure that all necessary investigations and reports are completed in a timely and accurate fashion
  • Ensure that any disciplinary hearing is conducted in strict accordance with the ACAS Code of Conduct
  • Terminate a contract of employment which is procedurally watertight
  • Terminate an employment contract using a Compromise¬† Agreement (if and where appropriate)