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HR Strategic Reviews
Moira Conlon

Is the HR function within your organisation ‘fit for purpose’?
Does the experience and professionalism of your HR team give you the confidence that they are business focussed and have the strength and resilience to support your Company through the next 3 or 5 years?
Does your overall business strategy and the strategic plans of the HR function compliment each other and are they fully aligned and integrated? Or is your HR function more operational, managing the day-to-day needs of the business without the head-room for looking at the future?

Conlon Consultancy has helped clients review the effectiveness of their HR teams and functions, to identify where there might be knowledge/skill or experience gaps, or where the department might need strengthening in certain areas, particularly in the ability to think strategically. Working alongside the Board, Conlon Consultancy have interviewed and audited Staff, Managers and Directors and have worked with companies to support their HR functions to design and deliver a robust and business focussed, long term HR strategy which is completely aligned with the needs of the business.