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Employment Tribunal
Moira Conlon

Employment Tribunals are judicial bodies established to resolve disputes over employment rights.
If issues connected with an employee's work have not been resolved internally, an employee can, in certain circumstances, take the employer to a tribunal. There is no duty on the employee to inform you of this intention. Your first inkling could be receiving the Official Notice of Appearance document from the Tribunal office. That in itself can be very daunting and you then have twenty-one days prepare your case and respond.
The main reason employees of small and medium-sized businesses win tribunal cases is because their employers did not follow correct disciplinary procedures. Don’t let this happen to you!

By using Conlon Consultancy to help you prepare your case, we can:

  • Look at the merits of the case and advise on the best way forward
  • Prepare the documentation accurately without loopholes
  • Propose the best way of presenting the case at the tribunal