Integrity, loyalty, compassion & care - CONLON CONSULTANCY
Core Values
Moira Conlon

“……consciously assess what really matters to you. Identifying your Core Values will make it much easier for you to work out how you need to adjust what you are doing in your life and work”
Cherry Douglas – Career Coach

Moira has thought long and hard about her core values – the things that really matter to her - and she’s defined them as integrity, loyalty, caring, results focused and service driven

Integrity – Providing businesses with information and advice which is beyond reproach. Being honest, truthful and trusted. Give advice and support in an open and non-judgmental manner and explaining clearly the consequences of actions and the likely or potential impact of not taking the advice offered.   Having the confidence and gravitas that comes with years of experience to tell Directors or Owner/Managers information they need to know (but may not wish to hear!)

Sometimes a problem may arise which can be solved with a very quick fix. Moira’s objective is to build lasting business relationships with her clients. She will inform you of the quickest (and cheapest) way to resolve any issue in the hope that if another problem arises, you will ask her to support you again.

Loyalty – Providing each client with a level of service that is second-to-none by aiming to be considered as part of their extended management team. Taking ownership of problems and rectifying issues quickly and professionally. Never operating in a manner which could be detrimental to a client or their business.

Caring – Genuinely caring about others and being friendly and approachable. Taking time to talk to staff and showing an interest in others. Selecting one pro bono not-for-profit client to work with each financial year and ensuring that the service they receive is equal to that of fee-paying clients.

Results focused – being clear about expectations and delivering what the client is expecting by establishing KPI’s on tasks undertaken.  Wherever possible, making a difference to the bottom line (though sometimes this cannot be possible, due to the nature of the issue).

Service driven – having worked all of her corporate life in the service sector, Moira is by nature service driven and is passionate about providing a level of service to her clients that she knows they will be pleased with. If an urgent matter arises, Moira will work with you to ensure a prompt response – and if that means occasionally burning the midnight oil, then so be it.
Evaluating the appropriate level of HR support required and working hard to foster a long term relationship with every client.

Being true to her core values is really important to Moira. It’s the way she is at home with her family and friends and it’s the way she tries to run her business.