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Absence Management
Moira Conlon

Conlon Consultancy can manage both short and long term absences to help you minimise the disruptive effects of absenteeism on your business.
Working alongside an Occupational Health expert and with detailed knowledge of the internationally recognised Bradford Scale to help manage short term absenteeism, Conlon Consultancy can advise you, as an employer, on the best course of action for both your business and the employee concerned.
It is still readily accepted that some degree of occasional absenteeism is unavoidable in any business. However, the Bradford Scale, devised almost thirty years ago by the Bradford School of Management, found that short-term absenteeism resulted in a disproportionate level of disruption. Conlon Consultancy can help you implement a process that will give you more control and will result in reduced levels of intermittent absenteeism.

Intermittent Absenteeism
Don’t put your head in the sand! Let us help you tackle the problem head-on.

We can:

  • Undertake an analytical audit of your current absence levels
  • Develop a process for reducing occurrences of absenteeism based on the widely used Bradford Scale
  • Train senior staff to manage the process positively thus maintaining productivity and profitability
  • Work with you to achieve a significant reduction in levels of absence
  • Identify areas where staff morale could be strengthened

Long-term Sick Leave or Absence
Current HR legislation aims to be fair to both employer and employee. While employers want to act fairly, they also have to deal with the incredible strain continued absence places on a small or medium-sized business. Many employers end up totally confused by the complexities of HR legislation.
Conlon Consultancy can help you at every step.

We can:

  • Conduct a review of each individual situation
  • Arrange home visits or remote contact to discuss the issue with the employee concerned
  • Work with the employee and our Occupational Health specialist to consider any reasonable adjustments that may help the employee back to work
  • Advise managers on the best course of action if return to work is not appropriate
  • Instigate written correspondence and action under the Access to Medical Records Act
  • Manage the fair dismissal of a member of staff on the grounds of incapability.